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At some point enthusiasm about technology is overwhelming that this is site will cover from time to time about it. Especially times that I got to share about my experiences about it. Link to the blog page to heck some of the electronic items I have tested out and reviewed. I shall enter some more as it moves along.

About You, Uragons

One of the main definition of "uragon" in layman's term is; If you did something great and it impresses everybody, you could be called uragon. If you are a trouble maker and full of hype, you can be called uragon. Uragon can also describe a person from his/her origin. There is really no concrete description yet of this word, as far as I know, but I'm sure this gives originality of description to the bicolanos. 

Bicol Express is a filipino dish, mainly in the region of Bicol. This spicy dish is mainly consist of bagoong or balaw (fermented shrimps), coconut milk, garlic, onion, ginger, and of course, red and green chilies. This delicacy was once told to be originated in Laguna because of the track of the train to Bicol. It was also once referred to be how one would get up from his chair to get a gulp of water because of the spicines of the food. This is the reason why being uragon is somewhat relates to eating bicolexpress. So please support the site and be a true bicolano.

All things are not about being this ethnic stories though. Most of the thing that is posted in this website is about tech and how I follow them. Much of it I will try to relate about being uragon or its ethnicity. Nevertheless, everything in here is providing somewhat of content about a regular uragon.